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SCALE Registration - Then and Now

See the difference in the photos?  The first is from SCALE 5X, and was the typical Saturday morning registration crush we'd had every year since the inception of the SoCal Linux Expo.  It was a walk-up process, with registration by a SCALE volunteer and involved waiting around for a few minutes until your badge was printed.


Out of work, or interested in finding a more challenging job?  Facebook, Google, Yahoo, TekSystems, and others will have recruiters interested in YOUR expertise in Linux, open-source and free software at this year's Linux Expo.

SCALE will offer an onsite job board where prospective employers and recruiters can list openings.

Amazon EC2 Try It Lab: Preparation Required

Eric Hammond will be leading a Try It Lab at SCALE again this year. This hands-on Amazon EC2 beginner's workshop will walk through the first steps in starting, using, and terminating a server running Ubuntu on Amazon EC2.

If you think you might want to join us in this lab, please take a few minutes today, before the Expo, to walk through the following steps to sign up for Amazon EC2 so you're ready to participate in the lab:

UpScale Talks at SCALE 8x

SCALE is trying something new this year!   We will be hosting "UpSCALE" talks on Friday night. These are SCALE's version of the O'Reilly Media "Ignite" talks. An Ignite talk is a style of presentation in which participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject, accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced.

An Interview with LOPSA's Jesse Trucks

The SCALE team is proud to welcome The League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) back to SCALE 8x and the SCALE University.  LOPSA is a non-profit corporation whose members work to further the understanding of system administration and to encourage discussion of, support for, and understanding of system administration as a profession.

Early Birds & Birds of a Feather

Just a reminder that SCALE Early Bird Registration expires Saturday, January 23rd. If you're planning on coming to the 8th Annual Southern California Linux Expo, register now and save!

There are still a few exhibitor booths open for SCALE 8X. If your company or group is considering exhibiting, don't wait too much longer.

Shawn Powers, SCALE Speaker

One of our SCALE 8x speakers, Linux Journal associate editor Shawn Powers suffered a tragedy this morning when he lost his home and family pets due to a house fire.  Many of you may know Shawn from his entertaining Linux Tech Tips as well as informative articles founds both online and in print.

Upcoming Interviews on the SCALE Blog

The SCALE team will be intereviewing a number of our speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors on topics related to open source and free software.  In the spirit of open-source we would like to invite you, the SCALE community, to help generate the interview questions.

  • David Recordon (Open Programs Manager at Facebook)
  • HP's Open Source and Linux Team
  • Jeff Fochtman (PogoPlug)

To submit a question for one of these interviews please comment on this blog post and we will pass your questions along.

PGP Keysigning at SCALE 8x

From our guest blogger, Phil Dibowitz:

I've been hosting PGP Keysigning parties for 7 or 8 years now. And as I prepare to host the SCALE 8X PGP Keysigning party, I thought - how can I make this better?

PGP Keysigning parties are non-trivial. In particular, big ones require planning ahead, significant time investment both during and after, coordination, and a lot of tedious effort on the part of all attendees. I thought: We can do this better!

So the question is - what are the big pain points? To me, they are:

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