Embracing My Sparkle


We all use words to describe ourselves every day, more specifically we use job titles to define not just what we do but also who we are.  Two years ago I thought that PowerShell was what you used in Mario Cart to win the race, that puppets were toys, and chefs used salt in the kitchen to cook.  Not only do I now understand what these terms and tools are, I have written a Bash script, played with PowerShell and even completed a pull request, all by inspiration and support from the community.  Princesses embody many different characteristics, from strength of character to the dream to change the status quo.  No longer is the definition of a princess limited to a noble young woman and her relationship with her father.  In this talk I will share six key  qualities exposing the true nature of the princess through examination of popular princesses, how I came to accept my sparkly devops princessness, and why these qualities matter in the creation and maintenance of inclusive environments in the technical industry.

Thursday, January 7, 2016 - 12:15