Heather Meeker
Audience: Everyone

Do you have better things to do with your time than read 60+ open source licenses? Heather Meeker will discuss the nuts and bolts of open source licenses and compliance, including when you need to offer source code, how to deliver your license notices, what constitutes distribution, and how to avoid the most basic compliance mistakes.

Amanda Folson
Audience: Everyone
Topic: New to SCALE

Just because you’re selling SaaS doesn’t mean you can’t adopt open source principles in your organization. We'll talk about how individuals and companies can open source their documentation, libraries, and ideas for the greater good of the community in a way that doesn’t mean giving it all away for free.

Mark Shuttleworth
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Keynote

Almost every "smart device" today runs Linux, but if you log on to those boxes you'll find yourself in a prickly and different world, where nothing works quite the way you're used to on your Linux server or desktop. It's Linux, but not as you know it! It's that way because devices need a completely different approach to software and management at scale. But perhaps we can change that - perhaps we can bring the friendly and familiar Linux you use every day to the tiniest devices, so that the whole free software community can participate in this next wave of invention and revolution.

Schuyler St Leger
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Youth

The airwaves around us are filled with wireless signals ranging from AM/FM radio broadcasts to pagers to mobile phones and so much more. But how can you explore and monitor these signals? That's where Software Defined Radio or SDR comes in.  There are many open source hardware and software tools available.  I will show you some of the options, talk about ones I have used myself, and give a live presentation to show how you too can get started.  Join will learn something new! (and go home wanting to buy a SDR board!)


Elizabeth K. Joseph
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

When a systems administration team is distributed globally, you need tools for managing both the technical and social components of your infrastructure. In this talk I will cover the open source tool set and strategies used by the OpenStack Project Infrastructure Team, including weekly meetings on IRC, use of code review and continuous integration for systems changes, collaborative editors when completing work during maintenance windows and more.

Lance Albertson
Audience: Everyone

Over the past ten to fifteen years, the landscape of FOSS project hosting has evolved. This session will cover a brief history of FOSS project hosting, explain what advances have been made in the past few years, cover what I feel projects are needing that isn’t available and finally discuss what I think FOSS project hosting should look like in the coming years.

VM (Vicky) Brasseur, Josh Berkus
Audience: Everyone
Topic: ScaleU

If you have never attended a speaker training before, this tutorial will show you how much better your talks could be. If you have, you might pick up a few tips and ideas. And if you're presenting at SCALE, this tutorial will give you some last-minute changes to tweak your talk.

Akkana Peck
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

This talk will cover an assortment of tips and tricks for improving your digital photos or making original art with GIMP. How do you get rid of the ugly power lines in that landscape photo, and would it look better with a purple sky? How do you take that picture of you and your ex and replace his face with Brad Pitt's?

Learn to use GIMP features like layer masks and layer modes, selection masks, transform tools, and even straightforward tools like Dodge/Burn, to do tricks you might not have thought possible.

Tom Callaway
Audience: Everyone

Most schools do not teach the concepts or methods that we use every day in Free and Open Source Communities, and this is putting students at a distinct disadvantage when entering the technology sector. However, there are some success stories to be proud of. In this session, I'll discuss how some schools are teaching open source today.

Keila Banks
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

In this world there is always so much to do. In this talk Keila will talk about how the life of a busy teen can be automated. Calling on a little tech knowledge she hopes to inspire adults and youth alike to maybe learn a little code and/or make use of some other tools available to you to make your life a little easier and more productive.