Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Inc., (NASDAQ: JAVA) provides network computing infrastructure solutions that include computer systems, software, storage , and services. Its core brands include the Java technology platform, the Solaris operating system, StorageTek and the UltraSPARC processor.

Our mission is to create technologies and fuel communities that enable sharing and participation. We invest in research and development to create products and services that provide competitive differentiation for our customers and for developers adopting our technology. We integrate software, storage, services and systems and believe volume drives value. We share technology in order to grow our communities, increase participation and build new markets.

Our products and services address complex issues that customers face today, including increasing demands for network access, bandwidth and storage being driven by explosive growth in network participation and sharing. We innovate at all levels of the system and we partner with  market leaders to provide value and choice for our customers.

Sun's network computing infrastructure solutions are used in a wide range of industries including technical/scientific, telecommunications, media and entertainment, financial services, manufacturing, retail, government, life sciences, transportation, energy/utilities and  healthcare. Find more about Sun online at