Simone Bernacchia
introduction to AROS

Simone Bernacchia is born in Italy in August 1, 1969. He achieved its Applied Art high school degree in 1990 on the “Istituto d'arte” on Ancona, Italy. He participated in several computer graphics competitions with computer graphics 2d real-time animations and won the 1995 edition of the Italian competition Bit.Movie with the animation "N.O.L.W. - the night of the living wrecks"; He also provided part of the graphics and the music for the videogame "Powder", released in 1998.

He also does computer music using protracker and milkytracker. He moved in the United states in 2005 and works as Media Integrator at SudJam LLC in Glendale,California.  He's an AROS advocate since March of 2008 and keeps an AROS related blog in Italian and English.


The talk will be an introduction on AROS, a desktop open-source operating system inspired on Amiga OS and with API level compatibility with the Amiga OS 3.1; it will describe the project, its actual status and goals and on how to contribute on it.

This abstract is likely to be subject on further alteration or expansion in detail of the below mentioned points in the future. Technical requirements:  The several steps of the presentation:

1. What is AROS 1.1.History of Amiga OS

1.2 Characteristics of an Amiga OS system

1.3 The begin of AROS

1.4 Goals

1.5 the Operating System and its philosophy

1.6 User Interface

1.7 HIDDs devices handlers and libraries

1.8 Legal Status

1.9 Licensing

1.10 Road to

1.0.2 What AROS can do

2.1. Platforms available

2.2. Distributions

2.3. Development tools

2.4. Coding Languages

2.5. Scripting Languages

2.6. Programs

2.7. Games

2.8. Emulation

2.9. Work in progress

3. What I can do for AROS

3.1. Bounty System

3.1.1. Bounty System History


3.1.3. Available bounties

3.2. Contribution

3.2.1.  Porting of applications

3.2.2. Porting of drivers

3.3. Advocacy

3.3.1. Promotion

3.3.2. Testing

3.3.3. Tutorials

3.3.4. Web Sites

3.3.5. Blogs