Ronald G. Minnich
Building, Burning, and Flashing coreboot: an overview and demo
Sandia national Labs

Ron Minnich has been working in high performance computing for 20 years. He started the linuxbios/coreboot project in 1999 because the BIOS was the major stumbling block to building reliable, simple clusters.

Since that time, coreboot has gone far beyond its roots, finding usage in the embedded (routers) and consumer (televisions) domain.

More recently, he has started looking at coreboot as a building block for a safe platform, allowing us to ensure we are free of BIOS viruses and other potential compromises. As part of this work, he sponsored the AVATT (All Virtual All The Time) Google Summer of Code project. AVATT systems run in virtual machine mode all the time, since they contain a full KVM-enabled Linux kernel in FLASH.


Architecture of coreboot v3, the newest version, which uses Linux Kconfig

- how to download coreboot

- how to configure it

- how to build it -- from scratch (harder, more control) -- or from an AMD-developed tool called 'buildrom' (easier, not quite as much control)

- how to burn it into a system

Each step in the 'how to' will be accompanied by a demo. The demo will include an actual burn of a board so people can see the full monty.