Rikki Kite (WIOS)
Her PR Problem -- Tooting the horns of women in open source
Linux Pro Magazine
Associate Publisher

Rikki Kite is the Associate Publisher and Managing Editor of Linux Pro Magazine and maintains a blog on the Linux Pro website that highlights women in open source. Prior to working on Linux Pro, Kite worked as an editor for Sys Admin magazine, UnixReview.com, The Journal of Linux Technology, and The Perl Journal. She received her MSJ from the University of Kansas in May 2008 and wrote her thesis on women in open source. Stop by the ROSE Blog for dispatches from the world of women in open source: http://linuxpromagazine.com/roseblog


Recently the lack of women in technology careers has received a lot of media coverage, but what about the one or two percent of women already working in the field of open source? This talk discusses the self-promotional skills that women often lack and suggests techniques for improving these skills. You'll learn how tooting the horns of your female colleagues can help you network and help create a more inviting environment for future women in open source.

Topics include:
* Imposter syndrome
* The fine line between assertiveness and aggressiveness
* Networking by drawing positive attention to colleagues
* Looking beyond admins and programmers
* Getting outside your comfort zone
* Daily affirmations for women in tech