Laurent Cohen
Java Parallel Processing Framework (JPPF): making open source grid technology accessible to all

Laurent obtained an engineering degree in Computer Science in France, in 1989. He has been working as a software engineer for over 20 years. He is currently working for ILOG, Inc. as a Business Rules Product Expert.

Laurent is also the Founder of the Open Source Grid Computing platform JPPF (, which he created in April, 2005.


This presentation will be made of 4 parts.

In the first section, we will present JPPF, what it is, its history and its current state.

In the second section, we will discuss the technical features of the platform that make it easy to use, install and deploy, and how this contributes to a greater accessibility of grid technology.

The third section will be dedicated to the role of JPPF in the greater technological ecosystem, through integration with other platforms and technologies, interactions with user communities, and how it presents itself and the underlying technologies to the world.

The last section will discuss the current project vision, perspectives and goals.

We will end with a Q&A session.