Kenneth Wyrick (OSSIE)

Since 1997 I have worked to reduce the digital divide via California CTCNet affiliates and k-20 educational networks. I research and develop California communications technology infrastructures for the delivery of public resources with Free Open Source Software (FLOSS) implementations, based on the needs of various community networks. I advocate for the usage of FLOSS and Learning Management Systems (LMS) as tools for training-the-trainers. I use both online instances and liveCDs.

I'm a member of and attend various SIG meetings regularly. I have given presentations for various conferences over the years. In 2008 I spoke at CTCNet, CUE and TechEd conferences. See my online efolio:


Introduce and demonstrate course content planning, creation, delivery and distribution using the Moodle learning management system (lms), both in the form of on-line hosted instances and a free liveDVD for local exploration.