Joseph Guarino
FOSS Games – FREE FUN – A quick overview of some great FOSS games!

Joseph Guarino is a Sr. Consultant at Evolutionary IT which provides systems, network, security, marketing and FOSS solutions.

In his free time you will find him happily building networks, servers and security devices on FOSS, writing on FOSS/security topics or supporting non-profits.

Just as often he can be found drumming away in his metal band or laughing hysterically at all sorts of comedy which he so constantly enjoys.


What do you think of when you hear the words "open source"? Probably not video games – but perhaps you should!

Quality Open Source games exist in nearly every genre of gaming from Action and Adventure to Education and Simulation. In this presentation we will journey through an industry overview, outline the top FOSS games in most genres, examine the science/value of Video Games, and highlight how you can be a part of FOSS's bright gaming future.

You will see how Free and Open Source (FOSS) games/options offer something fun for everyone: the casual gamer, educator, non-technical user, IT/business person or and even super l33t video gamer.

Join Joseph Guarino of Evolutionary IT( in a lighthearted exploration of the wonderfully fun world of Free and Open Source (FOSS) Video Games.