John Todd
Open Source in an Economic Downturn
Open Source Community Director

Todd has been working with IP-based software for 20 years, and has been heavily involved in the Asterisk VoIP platform since 2003. Todd was an active Asterisk Community developer prior to his current position as Digium’s open source community director. A former Digium Asterisk World moderator, he has contributed to the community by building Asterisk-based solutions for several companies. In his current role as Open Source Community Director, Todd represents Digium in the open source community and works with the community to drive the development of Asterisk. He recently played a key role in organizing AstriCon, the official Asterisk conference held Sept. 23-25, 2008 in Glendale, Ariz.


Digium is the company behind Asterisk, the world’s most widely used open source telephony software.

In this session, John Todd, Open Source Community Director for Digium, will discuss the silver lining in this historic economic downturn: companies built around freely downloadable open source software. As the economy sours, more companies are turning to open source software because it’s inexpensive and easy to customize.

As the economy has worsened this year, Digium’s open source software has grown more popular. In 2007, Asterisk was downloaded 1.1 million times. This year, with companies feeling the pinch of a tight economy, Asterisk is on pace to be downloaded 1.5 million times. This presentation will detail how open source is gaining in popularity due to the current economic downturn.