Emma McGrattan (WIOS)
Do women approach coding differently to men?
SVP Engineering

McGrattan has worked with Ingres since 1992 and is a pillar in the Ingres community, rising through the ranks to occupy a senior leadership position. She started as a porting engineer, working on UNIX code, and is now responsible for the Ingres Emerging Technologies Team which is responsible for such cutting edge technologies as the Ingres Icebreaker family of appliances. She has contributed to Ingres and the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community both in code and in promoting global open source development.

Never at a loss for words, Emma McGrattan also discusses open source in her blog, "The View from 25B" at http://blogs.ingres.com/emmamcgrattan.


Following last year's WIOS event Ms McGrattan was interviewed by the Financial Times for a piece on Women in Technology. One question asked during the interview was whether women write code differently to men. After a moment's consideration McGrattan opined that women wrote well commented and straighforward code, whereas men oftentimes attempted to show how clever they were by writing more complex code. The fallout was considerable, and McGrattan was slashdotted to within an inch of her life. McGrattan has had time to reconsider the question and will share her insights in this session.