Emma Jane Hogbin
Version Control for Mere (and freelance) Mortals
Senior Ninja

Emma Jane Hogbin is a F/LOSS advocate, a community volunteer for Drupal and Ubuntu, and is the founder of HICK Tech—a community consultancy. From database migration to rural technology, Emma delivers engaging presentations to communities of geeks and humans. She likes her Scotch neat, her beer local, and her bios in third person. She is working on her first book, Drupal Front End (Spring 2009) with Addison Wesley. She chronicles her adventures at www.emmajane.net.


As a freelance developer chances are good you use either many, or no, version control systems for your code. If your mental health has been compromised by index.version080912f-b.inc file naming, or you wish there was more flexibility in how (and when) your files are submitted to data central, it’s possible that Bazaar is the version control system you’ve been waiting for.

In this session you will be exposed to one freelancer’s adventures of getting all projects arranged into a manageable version control system. Specific topics will include:

* an overview of the main competitors in the open source world of version control (the good, the better and the CVS);

* a peek into a single human's work environment to see how it ties together multiple projects, multiple computers, and deals with travel-related network outages; and finally,

* a tour of the basics you will need to set up your own system with Bazaar