Daniel Baroco, et al

Daniel Baroco went from Commercial Diving in the North Sea to Information Technology Implementations in California via Food Processing Management in Texas. He is currently the IT director at Cedarlane Natural Foods. In the process of delivering business solutions on a budget, he discovered, and became a fan of, open source and it's potential. Without setting out to convert the business to an open source shop he ended up proving the potential of GNU/ Linux software in business.

Erik Guereca began Industrial Engineering in Mexico. He then moved to Los Angeles at age 18 and started taking CIS classes at El Camino College obtaining a GED, MCSE, A+ Certification and Achievement Degree in Science. He currently works in a Food Manufacturing Company “Cedarlane Natural Foods Inc” as a Network Administrator. At the same time he is completing his Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems & Security at the California State University Dominguez Hills.

Relys Moreira worked as a network administrator in Cuba for 7 years, before coming to the US. Because Cuban enterprises have always used open source software, he picked up a lot of Linux experience there early on. He now has over eleven years experience in Unix, Linux, and Windows systems including his time at Cedarlane Foods. Relys holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. Relys has been instrumental in the the success of the open-source migration at Cedarlane


This presentation will chronicle the successful implementation of many open source systems in a large Southern California Organic Food Business. The business is Cedarlane Foods, a 50+ million, 300+ employee food processing plant with 3 additional locations, all connected and using OSS. There are 110 users on open source software, including desktops. The server room and systems are open source, as well.

The slides will cover how we converted/adapted/implemented the following, and the lessons learned and how smooth it really all was.

* Accounting system from proprietary to cross platform open system (ERP, below)

* ERP (OpenMFG on PostgreSQL) (“postbooks” version is open source)

* Office suite from Microsoft Office to Open Office

* Desktops from XP to Ubuntu (now mostly Hardy)

* E-mail (from Exchange/Outlook to Qmail/Evolution)

* Blackberries, iPhones, and PDA's

* Barcode labels and Wireless terminals

* VoIP and WiFi VoIP on Asterisk (from an old Merlin System)

* Nagios monitoring, OpenVPN, Etc.