Clint Savage
Fedora Remix
Fedora Project, Utah Open Source

Clint Savage has been involved with Linux since 1998. He accidentally discovered the joys of training and has been doing so ever since. Clint has been an instructor for the past 5+ years and teaches such topics as Linux fundamentals and system administration.

Clint joined the Fedora Project in 2007 and recently became the West Regional Ambassador for North America. In addition to his participation in the Fedora Project, Clint started Utah Open Source ( in 2006 and runs the Utah Open Source Conference ( with tons of help from volunteers.


Fedora offers a complete set of tools for generating your own customized distribution. The output format can be installable CDs or DVDs, or Live images suitable for CD/DVD or USB keys. These tools allow sub-communities to consume and contribute to FOSS using a platform that is geared toward their specific needs.

This talk will show off the toolset, and how the tools can be used to fill a variety of needs for the hobbyist, the administrator, or the FOSS advocate.