Christopher Blizzard
Mozilla, Firefox and the Open Web - Fighting for the Future
Mozilla Corporation

Chris Blizzard has been part of the Mozilla project for most of the last decade. In that time he's been part time developer, bridged the gap between Mozilla and other high-profile open source projects and currently leads Mozilla's world-wide evangelism and developer relations efforts. Mozilla is the public-benefit organization and project behind the successful Firefox web browser which is currently used by 200 million people around the globe. As the web grows, Mozilla will continue to promote the open web as a platform to allow people and organizations to find new ways to connect with each other and explore what's possible with technology and the Internet.


Firefox is the most-used desktop app on Linux. Christopher will cover the latest from Mozilla, and what's cool in Firefox 3.1 - TraceMonkey, cool video, SVG, JavaScript worker threads, XML cross-site scripting and CSS tricks.

He'll also cover what's up with mobile and the progress we've made since the last SCALE conference. In addition he'll talk about the open web and what Mozilla is doing to keep the web alive and open.