Cathy Malmrose (WIOS)
The Iron-Jawed Angels of Open Source -- Who we are and why we contribute
ZaReason, Inc.

Cathy Malmrose is a hardware geek with a passion for community. Having grown up in Microsoft's backyard, then spending time amongst the Dellionaires in Austin, she couldn't help but learn about the long-term hardware and software development process. She is now based in Berkeley, California, surrounded by the best hardware suppliers. The market and economy made it obvious that her next step would be to form a Linux hardware company. She enjoys the talent of the people in the Bay Area and particularly enjoys meeting new Linux users at various get-togethers. Her current task is building hardware that just works behind the scenes.


Drawing comparisons between the women's suffrage movement in 1920 and the women-in-technology movement which is still underway, we will be exploring what got us here and where we are headed. Using the documentary, "Iron-Jawed Angels" to explore comparisons we will look at the work of several influential women such as Jean Bartik, one of the original ENIAC computers and Anita Borg, a woman who had a significant impact in opening up STEM fields to women. In this hopefully collaborative presentation, we will explore the historical trends that are shaping LinuxLand in particular.