Mike Stewart
Php/drupal Takeout: FOSS Development & Design in a "to go" Box
LA Drupal co-manager

I dabble in g33k, Drupal, FOSS, and community.


Drupal, Apache, Firefox, MySQL, PHP, GNOME, Java, Ruby, Open Office; what do these have in common?  They're all Free and Open Source software(FOSS). Most of what you're using is FOSS, so why not development tools?

But are there any free development tools? PHP tools? debugging? graphics? media?  You bet.   But setting them up... What a pain!

Well, your order's ready. PHP/Drupal, takeout style. koolaid on the house. fah-ree! everything you need to develop and design for the web in a virtualbox.


This session is geared towards newbies and those interested in learning about FOSS development tools on linux.

Agenda: Dev in a box. virtualbox to be exact. a development environment (with php debugging) based on free, open source software. all setup & ready to use. most of what youre using is already foss. why not development tools too? but are there any free development tools? php? debugging? graphics? media? (you bet).

Maybe you've even heard of some, but setting them up... what a pain! it takes a linux guru to make this stuff work, right? they claim thats the advantage of Mac or Windows... it just works. so you say you like your current OS or maybe you're not sure if linux is for you? Well, your order's ready.  PHP/Drupal, takeout style.  Koolaid on the house, free!  This is everything you need to develop and design for the web in a virtualbox. So whats the talk about?  Stuff that just works.

I'm going to give you a full development environment with PHP editing & debugging, a LAMP stack, graphics editing, css editing & firefox plugins. all setup. all working.   Keep it,  customize it.  What do you need? Mac, Win, *nix, Solaris.  Got one of those?

Come to the session, learn what popular FOSS tools work well with web (esp Drupal) development and how to use FOSS tools on any platform. I'll show you a full suite of web tools that I'm also GIVING to you... free... all great FOSS projects setup and ready to go.

* PHP development

* PHP debugging tools

* graphics tools

* media tools

* Drupal multi-site & multi-versions all ready to roll

* Drupal shortcuts, and more!


* plan a: rule the world.

* plan b: I will demonstrate how to setup, and use a pre-built php, web & graphics development environment.

* I will demo and discuss various tools for development and design, and highlight some other outstanding FOSS development projects.