James Shewmaker
Using FUSE to Create Your Own Filesystem
Bluenotch Corporation

Jim has over 15 years experience in IT, primarily developing automation and security appliances for FM, Internet, and satellite environments. He is one of the first GIAC Platinum certified Malware (GSM) experts. Jim has written and audited questions for GIAC and is on the Advisory Board.

Jim is a founder and analyst for Bluenotch Corporation which focuses on investigations, penetration testing, and analysis, and teaches for the SANS Institute. He is also a contributing author to the courseware in various SANS courses, including Security Essentials and Reverse Engineering Malware: Advanced Techniques.

Jim authored StegoFS, a filesystem interface that stores data inside videos hosted online.


Often a project requires a new interface to developed for interacting with a new system. Sometimes, we can leverage existing technology in a creative way to avoid reinventing the wheel as well as saving development time.

This presentation will include a case study of how FUSE can be used to interact with youtube.com videos for a custom file system. Specifically, the presentation will walk through the essential functions needed for a basic file system with FUSE.