Highly Reliable Systems
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Highly Reliable Systems manufactures alternatives to tape backup. Our eSATA backup products allow 1 to 10 drives to connect to a single controller. On display will be our multi-bay hot-swappable hard drive backup systems that take the place of robotic tape at a fraction of the cost.  High-Rely products are designed for businesses that don't want to struggle with tape and yet also can't afford to lose their business data. HR drives are cheaper, faster, more reliable, and just as portable as tape. The units connect to any fileserver via a PCI based eSATA controller.

Because they are not a NAS device, it inherits the security and compatibility of the host server, as well as allows faster backups because there is no TCP/IP overhead or speed limitations due to the network infrastructure. We will also have on display our NEW RAIDFrame(r) this enterprise backup device based on removable hard drive technology.  The RAIDFrame(r) is housed in a rack mount 4U case that has five removable cartridges called RAIDPacs(r).  Each RAIDPac(r) cartridge houses 3 standard SATA hard drives, a cooling system, and an in-stream SATA RAID controller.

Unlike standard RAID arrays that contain removable, hot-swap hard drives, the RAIDFrame(r) actually has individual removable, hot-swap RAID arrays.  SATA drives are available up to 1.5TB each, meaning a single RAIDPac(r) has a capacity of up to 3TB with RAID5 redundancy.  4.5TB RAIDPac(r) using RAID0.  With Five RAIDPacs installed, the RAIDFrame(r) can house a total of 15TB of RAID5 storage or 22.5TB at RAID0.

To learn more about Highly Reliable Systems please visit our website at: www.high-rely.com