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Hyperic HQ manages web applications wherever they are: in your data center, a virtual environment, or in the cloud. Hyperic monitors and manages applications and infrastructure ensuring the shortest downtime, and immediate notification of performance degradation or service disruptions.  Through a variety of flexible and advanced alerting conditions, triggered actions and escalation schemes IT and web operations teams can feel confident that their applications and infrastructure are performing optimally.  HQ automatically discovers, monitors, and manages software and network resources, regardless of type or location.

HQ provides a single pane view of performance and availability for companies running apps on most popular platforms, including Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, VMware, and Amazon Web Services. With fast deployment, enterprise security, and extensibility, organizations will save time and meet SLAs.

Thousands of companies worldwide depend on Hyperic to manage their web and infrastructure monitoring needs as well as their IT service level business functions. We are proud to be contributing to the success of IT and Web operation teams in companies of all sizes, in all industries, around the globe including CNET, Comcast, Intuit, US Census, Goldman Sachs, and the City of Chicago.

Visit us at http://www.hyperic.com

Download Hyperic HQ Open Source at http://www.hyperic.com/downloads/open-source-systems-monitoring-download...