Beginners Track

PC-BSD: an Easy to Use Open Source Desktop


This presentation will introduce PC-BSD, an open source desktop based on FreeBSD.

This presentation will introduce PC-BSD, an open source desktop based on FreeBSD. It will discuss the following: - how PC-BSD differs from FreeBSD - how PC-BSD differs from Linux - current features - new features in the upcoming 9.0 release - changes to the PBI format

Speaker: Dru Lavigne

Pontificating on Perl Profiling


This talk will guide the beginner Perl user through they whys and hows of code profiling. Attendees will be introduced to some of the profiling tools available, with demonstration of speeding up a single call by 85%. Attendees will learn simple techniques

Whenever a Perl program or script is not working as quickly as we think it should, we're all tempted to start pointing at the obvious issue. It's because you're using a four line block to get that hash, you should use ?map?. *That's* your problem. The database is slow, it takes forever to run the query. You're not caching that response, you need to optimize! Ok, so that last one might actually be right. But how do we know? Even if we should optimize, what should we optimize? Where are the real slow downs, and where can we get the biggest wins? The answer to these questions comes from Profiling. At Dyn Inc. we've been writing enterprise grade web applications and software in Perl for over a decade. We think we?re pretty good at. And yet, when we started to experience slow downs on a new system as the user-base grew we spent a lot of time trying to make the code faster.? It wasn't until we took the time to run some of the suspected problematic libs through a profiler that we finally were able to gain some significant speed ups. An 85% speed up in one call alone. We became profiling fools. Maybe more illuminating than where we needed to optimize was where we did not have to. Many assumptions were dashed in the face of data. This talk will guide the beginner Perl user through they whys and hows of code profiling. Attendees will be introduced to the profiling tool Devel::NYTProf, in the context of how Dyn Inc. engineers found a significant speed up based on an inefficient sub routine in a popular CPAN module. Attendees will be shown the tool, and associated output, along with a walk-through of how to interpret the data for best optimization candidates. They will be shown simple techniques for benchmarking and profiling scripts and sub-routines.

Speaker: Lisa Hagemann

Intro to Python

A basic introduction to Python scripting.

Scripting Basics What Makes Python Special? Magic - shebang Where is Python? Comments Execution Debugging Python -d Python Interactive Shell IPython help() dir() pdb Objects and Methods Bools Strs Ints Lists Tuples Dicts What Are Iterators? Functions Also Objects Code Segregation Using a main() Function Classes Also Objects Writing a Class Instantiating a Class Modules Also Objects Importing Modules Installing Modules Some Cool Modules sys os re time socket httplib subprocess json Other Resources

Speaker: Andrew Vandever

Beyond Linux: Changing the World with Open Source

At, we explore what happens when the open source way is applied to the world. What problems can we solve? How would it affect the way we learn? Run our businesses? Our governments?

Speaker: Ruth Suehle

My God, it's full of Games!

It's easier than ever to run Windows games on Linux... here are easy ways to do it with Wine.

Linux has always been able to run Windows apps using Wine with varying degrees of success, but it often required reading lots of web pages and trying lots of workarounds. But package managers like Winetricks and PlayOnLinux are changing that; they make installing games really easy. Dan will show how easy it is to install and run games on Linux using Wine and Winetricks, and show how to contribute a new game script to Winetricks.

Speaker: Dan Kegel

OpenShot: Lights. Camera. Action!

An in-depth look at OpenShot Video Editor.

OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source, non-linear video editor for Linux. OpenShot empowers you to create and edit videos in an easy and intuitive interface. In this presentation, we will discuss everything from basic video editing to the advanced topics of video effects and compositing. Learn all about this great project, such as where it came from, and where it's going. Learn about features that are not available on any other Linux video editors, such as 3D animation and YouTube upload support. Also, we have brought along many short video clips, to help demonstrate some of these powerful OpenShot features.

Speaker: Jonathan Thomas
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