Dan Kegel

Software Engineer

Dan Kegel is a software engineer currently working in Los Angeles.
He has been programming since 1978, and mentoring intern programmers
since 1994. He is the author of Winetricks (used by Wine developers and users),
and was the release manager for Wine 1.0.
He also wrote Crosstool (a tool to make building gcc/glibc easier)
and the C10K problem (a little reference page for network programmers).
He served on the JSR-51 committee which helped add nonblocking
I/O and file locking to the Java platform, and was one of the inventors
of the NAT hole-punching technique described in RFC 5128.
Long ago, he wrote a popular DOS driver called NANSI.SYS,
and also helped make the 1994 Rose Bowl a little more interesting.