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Salt Stack, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise software applications that unify and automate complex issues across the complete IT Infrastructure.

Salt Stack fundamentally improves the way in which companies provision, configure, and manage all aspects of the IT environment by providing a platform from which they can execute commands and query data across a distributed infrastructure.

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Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Glendale, California, SMCI has been an IT staffing and solutions services leader for over 30 years. With offices in Glendale, San Francisco, Pleasanton, and Costa Mesa, California, Dallas, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, and Charlotte, North Carolina SMCI is strategically placed to serve both job seekers and our stable but expanding client base that is comprised of numerous Fortune 500 companies as well smaller organizations and technology driven start-ups.

Perl is a general purpose high level programming language that has become an ubiquitous tool in the Linux world, being present by default in most, if not all, Linux distributions and other UNIX based operating systems.

Perl Mongers is a loosely based association of Perl User Groups all over the world. The Southern California Perl Mongers, from the cities of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Thousand Oaks each do their part in spreading the use of Perl through regular technical and social meetings.

The Southern California Python Interest Group—aka The SoCal Piggies—is for people who are interested in the Python programming language.

Python is an interpreted, general-purpose high-level programming language whose design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Python aims to combine "remarkable power with very clear syntax", and its standard library is large and comprehensive. Its use of indentation for block delimiters is unique among popular programming languages.

System76 is the premier provider of Ubuntu laptops, desktops and servers. Through world class hardware, software and support, System76 enables consumers, businesses, schools, and governments to easily transition to the world of open source software.

Taos is an IT services company delivering solutions across the strategic, management and tactical layers of Information Technology infrastructure and engineering organizations. As part of the nation's IT landscape since 1989, we have the expertise to help our clients achieve the operational excellence demanded of them, and we've built the support network to ensure our talented technologists succeed. Organizations and IT consultants alike turn to us for advice, insight and opportunities.

Iridescent creates and delivers powerful science, engineering and technology education to help underprivileged children develop curiosity, creativity and persistence. One of Iridescent's programs that addresses the lack of female representation in the STEM field is Technovation, a global technology and entrepreneurship program for young women ages 10 - 23.

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Every second, of every day, TeleSign protects the world's largest Internet and Cloud properties by establishing and verifying Mobile Identity.

TeleSign's Mobile Identity platform gives digital businesses the ability to connect a unique identity with every account to verify new registrations and authenticate existing users. TeleSign created Mobile Identity to help businesses preserve their ecosystem by detecting a suspicious user before account creation, and to better protect their existing user base from account compromise.

Why Ticketmaster? As part of the world's largest live entertainment company, we offer a broad spectrum of unique and engaging career opportunities. Visit any of our offices or venues and you'll find a diverse mix of passionate employees, helping fans around the globe connect with the artists, teams and events they love.

Trovebox is a whitelabeled multi-user photo and video service for businesses. Easily manage your company's photos and make it easy for customers or clients to send you photos and videos. Start your free trial at Trovebox