The Hawthorne Center for Innovation, started in 2001, to offer informal learning experiences to K-12 homeschoolers in the Inland Empire Area of Southern California, has over the years morphed into a research center and innovation incubator committed to "predicting the future by inventing".

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HP Open Source and Linux solutions are designed to solve your business-critical IT problems today. In fact, we sell over a million Linux servers a year delivering virtualization, strong security, storage, management and governance.

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IBM and Linux can help your business expand with cost-effective hardware choices, from x86 servers to 64-bit computing, mainframes and supercomputers. There are now more than 15,000 IBM Linux customer engagements worldwide, allowing customers to reduce their computing costs with solutions ranging from webserving, ERP, consolidation and virtualization, to the world's largest supercomputers.

Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, or Xara X using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. Supported SVG features include shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, alpha blending, transforms, gradients, patterns, and grouping.

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Inktank® is transforming storage through the enterprise-wide adoption of Ceph®, the massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system. Inktank offers Inktank Ceph Enterprise™, the first enterprise-grade, dedicated Ceph product for confidently running a production Ceph storage cluster at scale, as well as best-in-class professional services and Ceph training.

InMotion Hosting is a worldwide leader in web hosting, and has a long track record of commitment to Linux, open-source software, and the community of developers, engineers, and infrastructure specialists that make those platforms fantastic. Whether it's a simple shared server, or a powerful dedicated cluster, InMotion Hosting is proud to run ever one of our servers -- hundreds of thousands of websites -- on Linux platforms. We deliver scalability, ironclad security, cutting edge technology, and eminently reliable uptimes for our customers.

In a nutshell, Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 400 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.

The Kleio's Libary project works towards a Creative Commons history database that virtualizes the experience of taking a stack of index cards to the libary and doing some research, then using that research to write an article or book. The ultimate goal of the project is to build a 3D engine that will literally bring history alive. 

Komputers 4 R Kids is a 501 c(3) public charity and a California state licensed collector of e-waste. Our organization’s main aim is computers for children, as our name implies. Ensuring that computer systems are reused and recycled so that they do not end up in our landfills also provides environmental benefits.

The mission of the Los Angeles Biohackers is to make science accessible to people of all ages and educational backgrounds. They do this by providing laboratory equipment and workspace, resources which are typically out of the reach of the amateur, to anyone passionate about learning. They put on classes geared towards beginners so anyone can join and they organize open meetup days where newcomers can mingle with veterans to exchange ideas. In addition, they allow members to use our common resources to work on their own research projects.