SCALE: The Next Generation a youth focused STEM event will return to Pasadena on March 10th.  This is an event where the free & open source community leaders of tomorrow will be able to spotlight their ideas, projects and talents!  This year's program will include sessions on everything from security, to big data and video editing.  All sessions are presented by K-12 students.

In addition to the presentations by fellow students, attendees may visit The Next Generation Playground any time between 10am and 6pm to get hands-on experience with GNU/Linux, coding, robotics, and basic circuitry. 

A flyer for both events is available.

For attendees under the age of 18 who are interested in attending SCALE and the TNG track, there is no charge for admission.  You can either register on site at our registration information desk or pre-register by sending your name, email address and zip code to info@socallinuxexpo dot orgNote: A parent or guardian must accompany their child to SCALE TNG and stay for the duration.

For those interested in helping to plan the event, we encourage you to join the scale-kids mailing list here.


11am Daniel Willis: Using Statistical Analysis as a Tool for Marching Band Drum Core Practice Improvement

1:30pm  Luis Ayala, Chad Francis: Taking a Crack at Building a Better Password: John the Ripper

2:30pm  Andrew Dacayanan, Seseragi Yasumaru: Keep Track and Be Creative

3:30pm Martin Ruvalcaba, Jackie Tam: A Gnu Lesson

4:30pm Abel Guillen, Jackie Hernandez: Mapping to Solve Real-World Problems


TNG Playground is open from 10am-6pm.  The JPL Robotics area will be open 1:30pm-6pm.

Students can come by at any time to learn to:

  • Install GNU/Linux: Learn to install an operating system (GNU/Linux), to use the command line, how to install apps of your own choice, and more!

  • Make LED Flowers: Come explore the fun of circuitry and make a small light-up paper tissue flower using an LED and a battery!

  • Create with Scratch: Scratch enables you to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

  • How to Make an App: Learn using Javascript: also on the server-side and not only on the client-side

  • JPL Robotics: See how JPL is using the principles of rapid prototyping and development in the robotics world. You can meet a scale-down DIY version of the Mars Curiosity rover, and see firsthand how the design works to do climbing and steering. It is made almost completely out of consumer off the shelf and 3D printed parts, targeted at a high school level. We'll also have some smaller concept design robotics for mobility systems, and a wide assortment of examples of 3D printed parts we use in robotics and concept design.

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 10:00 to 18:00

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