Audience: Developer

Attendees will learn about BlueStore, a new storage engine for Ceph -- the leading open source storage management platform for OpenStack and other scale-out environments. BlueStore offers significant new functionality as well as dramatically improving overall performance.

Audience: Intermediate

Build Infrastructure Engineering for Open Source at Travis CI

Liz Krane
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Mentoring

What makes for a successful community and how do you persuade other people to get involved? Liz Krane shares her personal journey from awkward introvert with no technical background to founder of one of the largest tech meetups in LA (

Based on a talk she gave at SGVLUG (see the video / event page), Liz will discuss her challenges, lessons learned and best practices for building new communities.

Phil Dibowitz
Audience: Intermediate

This talk will cover the work Facebook has done to become more involved with various upstream open source communities including specific case studies.

Murali Paluru
Audience: Developer

Container Network Interface (CNI) is becoming the de-facto standard for implementing plugins in container runtime. In this talk, we’ll share insights from building a CNI network and IPAM plugins for container runtimes like Kubernetes, Cattle, etc.

Ben Kero
Audience: Advanced
Topic: General

Sometimes there's just no other choice. Your hardware might not be supported by your Linux Distribution, or you might need a feature that your distro didn't feel like including. You might also just want the nerd cred, or have an actual honest-to-goodness bug to fix.

Whatever the reason: building your own kernel is in your future. This talk will guide you through what a kernel is, and how to patch, build, package, and install individual modules as well as whole kernels, as well as how to submit your patch upstream for inclusion.

Tennille Christensen, Karen Sandler, Pamela Chestek, David Fligor

The panel is divided into two sections. First, Tennille Christensen, will summarize the cases to be discussed by the panel. Then, Tennille will lead our panelists on a discussion about the cases and the future of open source law.

Solomon Chang
Audience: Beginner
Topic: MySQL

This talk discusses the similarities and differences between Cassandra and MySQL, and the trap of assuming that anything you can do in one system can be done in the other. We will explore the good and bad reasons of why organizations want to migrate, and compare the commitment and level of maintenance that gets dedicated to each platform. We will also look at RDB concepts that you will have to "unlearn" as one gets further into Cassandra.

Josh Berkus
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: PostgreSQL

Interested in clustered or sharded PostgreSQL, but daunted by challenges of testing and deployment for multiple PostgreSQL nodes?  Container infrastructure tools will make things much easier for you, and we'll show you how.

Gregory Farnum
Audience: Everyone

Ceph is an open source distributed object store, network block device, and file system designed for reliability, performance, and scalability. The POSIX-compatible CephFS was declared stable in its early 2016 Jewel release (with a limited feature set), and the upcoming Luminous release will significantly expand stable functionality and feature sets.
Beginning with an overview of the infinitely-scalable CephFS architecture, this talk will discuss what currently works, what will work in the next release, and what’s still to come.