Cassandra Eye for the MySQL Guy


So you're trying to migrate your MySQL infrastructure to Cassandra. You've seen that Cassandra can use tables just like your favorite RDBMS, and even has a Query Language that looks functionally identical to SQL. In fact, almost everything during your initial evaluation hints at being able to dump a MySQL DB schema into a Cassandra setup and everything will be wonderful from that point on... Stop right there! You're going to stub your toe a few times! This talk discusses the similarities and differences between Cassandra and MySQL, and the trap of assuming that anything you can do in one system can be done in the other. We will explore the good and bad reasons of why organizations want to migrate, and compare the commitment and level of maintenance that gets dedicated to each platform. We will also look at RDB concepts that you will have to "unlearn" as one gets further into Cassandra.

Room 103
Friday, March 3, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:30