Nikita Ivanov
Audience: Developer
Topic: Apache Bigtop

As more and more people have adopted open source Bigdata components such as hadoop, hbase, and spark, they are starting to ask bigger questions of their data the require longer more complex run times, and sometimes very iterative in the case of machine learning workloads. Wouldn't it be great if you could speed up your data-science workloads without buying more machines and fancier SSD's? Well now you can, come learn how Apache Ignite can help accelerate your Bigdata workloads.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: Sponsored

This is a hands-on tutorial that will cover the basics that everyone needs to know about how to test your automation code. We’ll start off with a quick introduction to Chef and work our way through writing a fully-tested cookbook or two, writing automated tests that will help ensure the cookbook performs the way we expect. Welcome to the world of test-driven infrastructure!

Jérôme Petazzoni
Topic: ScaleU

You keep hearing about Docker, but never had the opportunity to dive in and see it in action? Now is the time! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn about Docker basic concepts, how to run containers, create your own images, and more.

Rich Bowen
Audience: Beginner
Topic: Cloud

If you want the high-level picture of what OpenStack is, and how the pieces fit together, this is the place to come. We'll also talk a little about how the project functions, and the role of the OpenStack Foundation.

Ken Rugg
Audience: Intermediate

 What is Trove, the database as a service project on OpenStack.  We will do a deep dive into Trove, providing updates on new developments and how Trove supports the Juno release.  In addition, we'll provide a preview of what's planned for Kilo and the future direction of Trove.


Owen DeLong
Topic: ScaleU

This brief tutorial will provide an introduction to IPv6 concepts, plus, time permitting, some hands on experience configuring IPv6 on actual systems. Topics covered will include IPv6 addressing, types of IPv6 addresses, address assignment methods, DNS, routing, and basic IPv6 services.

Mark McClain
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Cloud

IPv6 usage is on the increase, so clouds must be IPv6 ready. OpenStack Networking's Neutron has added many new IPv6 features during the most recent cycles. In this session, we'll examine the current state of tenant IPv6 within Neutron and discuss the new features available in the Juno release. The session will examine a few real world deployments and close with a look ahead to the IPv6 related work for the OpenStack Kilo release.

Keila Banks
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Youth

 Open source software is around and available to everyone. We have so much we can do to help us mold our futures with our hands. How can we as a community use it to help us launch huge careers and businesses? Keila Banks talks about how anyone, even a kid, can use open source software to kick start their dreams, businesses and careers.

Matt Porter, David Anders
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Embedded

This session is intended to bring together anybody that debugs the Linux kernel to share best practices and brainstorm new ideas. Topics may range from .config testing, module/built-in drivers, hardware/software tools and test methods for testing specific driver subsystems, VM/scheduler/interrupt stress testing, and beyond. The discussion is targeted at Linux kernel developers, QA/test engineers, and Linux product engineers with the goal of testing Linux kernel integrity.

Avni Khatri, Stormy Peters, Thomas Peters, Fernando Villalobos, Corey Latislaw, Hermes Ojeda
Audience: Everyone

Kids on Computers is a nonprofit providing free computers and FOSS to kids worldwide in order to increase educational opportunities. We have set up 16 computer labs in 5 countries. You'll hear from KOC volunteers about their experiences visiting countries and communities they've never been to, what it's like to set up a lab, and how they feel they made a difference. Come learn how you can join and make the world a better place by teaching kids and teachers about technology and FOSS!