SCALE 19x logo
Los Angeles, CA
July 2022

Why I'm going to SCaLE 19x

Quick Facts:


My first SCaLE was 16x where I popped-down to speak at UpSCaLE via an invite from Jason Hibbets (@jhibbets). How could I say no? I left the LF Member Summit, flew down to LA and had my first SCaLE experience.

My second was 18x. Representing CNCF, we had a table, I got to be interviewed by Jill Bryant Ryniker (@jill_linuxgirl) and introduced to the Trial by Trolley game by Jeffrey Sica (@jeefy) and Bob Killen (@MrBobbyTables). We used a lot of hand sanitizer at that event. ;)

My point (and I do have a point!) is that once you go to SCaLE, you come back because the content is amazing, people in the open source community are the best, and it’s a fun, down-to-earth conference.

I’m going to SCaLE this year for the content, to connect with my community and peeps, and to join the world-famous game night on Saturday. MC Frontalot will be there and we’ll all be rocking out to some geeky tunes, while enjoying the usual SCaLE batch of family friendly games, drinks, and snacks.

Now, let’s talk about content. There are a lot of great talks targeting the deep-dive for the developer, to the general state-of-the-industry type talk. Below are a couple that have caught my eye. 

First, I will not miss my friend Aeva Black (@aevavoom) because they are always spot on with any topic and with this talk - the elephant in the room. Aeva will talk about vulnerability in open source.

I love listening to Josh Berkus (@fuzzychef) talk because of his dry humor and to-the-point presentation style. His topic is important - Preference elections for open source topics.

I will go to Kat Cosgrove’s (@Dixie3Flatline) talk. Although most of her talks are over my head, this talk is where I am in my cloud and Kubernetes journey - a beginner. She will speak on standing up a Kubernetes infrastructure and deploying an application in a matter of minutes. Time for me to stop avoiding hands-on the technology!

These are just a few. Over the next week or so, I’ll be tweeting (or RT’ing SCaLE’s (@socallinuxexpo) tweets and sharing more on the talks.

And I will be presenting at UpSCaLE - talking about community building, empathy, and just being nicer. It will be less serious than my first UpSCaLE presentation and definitely better and more fun!

If you’ve been to SCaLE before, you know this show. If you haven’t been to a SCaLE conference, come experience it. Trust me, it will become one of your go-to conferences! 

See you in LA July 28-31!