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Los Angeles, CA
July 2022

Contact Us

We're always looking for help!  If you would like to volunteer for one of these SCALE committees, please email the committee chair.

Technical Committee (Networking) ChairpersonHriday Balachandran

Members: Owen Delong, David Lang, Steve Bibayoff, Kyle Risse, Robert Hernandez, Steven Sewell

Technical Committee (Online Services), Chairperson: Phil Dibowitz

Members: Davide Cavalca

Audio/Visual Committee - Chairperson: Michael Proctor-Smith

Members: Lan Dang, Michael Starch, Jess Bermudes, John Wang, Bruce Bergman

Education Team Chairperson: Orv Beach

Volunteer Wrangler: Phillip Banks, Clint Savage

Publicity Committee Co-Chairpersons: Larry Cafiero, Hannah Anderson

Graphics Committee - Chairperson: Josh Andler

Special Activities Committee - Chairperson:  Lori Barfield

Diversity Committee - Chairperson: Phil Dibowitz

Members: Hannah Anderson, Alan Willis

In addition, we have email mailing lists for the Southern California Linux Expo.

They can be found here.