San Fernando Valley LUG

Visitors to the SFVLUG booth will get an opportunity to see live demos that show what members of group are up to in putting GNU/Linux/FLOSS to work for themselves and in the workplace. Emphasis will be on helping people new to GNU/Linux/FLOSS, but  visitors of all experience levels are welcome.

Demos will include Psyche, a Python script that helps provide hands free interaction with their computers, DD-WRT firmware giving extended capabilities to consumer grade routers,  booting a GNU/Linux operating system from a live CD or Live USB thumb drive without having to install to the hard drive, as well as some open source media solutions. Bring your questions and one of the members of the group will either have an answer or tell you where to go to get an answer.

The San Fernando Valley Linux Users Group meets every two weeks.  For more information about the group please visit their web site at  Please visit the SFVLUG at booth 78.