LinHES (formerly KnoppMyth) is an Open Source solution for anyone wanting to build their own PVR. LinHES is powered by Linux, MythTV and various Open Source software. It includes all one needs to make a powerful yet easy to use PVR.

LinHES is KnoppMyth taken to the next level.  The installation is so simple, it can be done with only a remote. The LinHES team will show the evolution of the Linux Home Entertainment System. LinHES is completely rewritten from scratch to be cleaner, smaller and easier to install. All installation and configuration options are based on the MythVantage graphical interface, which seamlessly integrates into MythTV.

The LinHES team will demonstrate off the shelf hardware operating seamlessly as standalone and multi­system home entertainment system. The team will also have at least one HD capable system to auction off.

See LinHES in action and meet the LinHES team at booth 23.