Foresight is a desktop operating system featuring an intuitive user interface and a showcase of the latest desktop software, giving users convenient and enjoyable access to their music, photos, videos, documents, and Internet resources. As a Linux distribution, Foresight sets itself apart by reducing the need for the user to be familiar with Linux, combining a user-focused desktop environment on top of Conary. As the most technically innovative software management system available today, Conary ensures that users can efficiently search, install, and manage all the software on the Foresight system, including bringing in the latest features and fixes without waiting for a major release. Thanks to Conary, Foresight developers can provide those features and fixes through rolling releases, allowing updates to be pushed out as soon as they are available. Foresight will be showcasing both its GNOME and Xfce editions of its desktop distribution. Along with that the Shuttle KPC line, which features Foresight pre­installed, will be displayed. This will showcase a high value and low cost desktop computer solution. To learn more about Foresight Linux, please visit the Foresight team at booth 39.