Simon Bennett - Levanta
Manager of Software Engineering
Speaking Topic:

Simon Bennett serves as Manager of Software Engineering at Levanta, makers of the Intrepid Linux management appliance. Simon has extensive experience with automated testing, C++, CORBA, Linux sysprog, Java Swing and networking. For the past four years, Simon as specialized in software engineering, project management, product support, and creating solutions that have never been built before. He graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of Southampton in the UK.


It's a commonly-accepted myth that Linux is inherently difficult and more complex to manage than otheroperating systems. Although this claim has been proven false, issues do arise with Linux management thatare not present in alternative systems. Things that make Linux appealing from a management vantage point(e.g. malleability and cost-effectiveness) also make it difficult to optimize from a technical standpoint.

Although large enterprise Linux systems administrators know that these issues do not necessarily makeLinux more difficult to run than alternative environments like Windows, the rumor that Linux is difficulthas trickled down (without the perspective on the actual complexity of management) to smallerorganizations that have little to no personal experience with Linux.

In this session, Simon will discuss the state of Linux systems management today and the pro's and con'sof utilizing Linux in different sized businesses. He will highlight the best ways to combat technical issuesof Linux management and will talk about ways in which Linux is actually easier to manage than Windowsin terms of provisioning, deployment, change management, resources, training, virus protection, etc.

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