Shawn Bellina - Comprehensive Cancer Institute and ConversantHCS
Speaking Topic: Practical applications of OS in healthcare settings

Shawn Bellina is CTO of the Comprehensive Cancer Institute and conversantHCS. Shawn is focused on clinical and biological research platform development and with a focus on Open Source technologies for CCI. In 2005 he co-founded ConversantHCS to develop a commercial biological repository platform. Prior to joining CCI, Shawn served as CIO of the Medical Center Hospital AL. Shawn has founded a number of technology companies and holds several process software patents.

Cancer Care Center
  • Cancer and why CCI is going down the OSS path.
  • Change management - why OSS is a good fit for large organizations.
  • What can go right and what can go wrong.
  • Realistically Comparing the alternatives.
  • Our experience with proprietary systems vs. OSS.
  • Russell Hill OSS Foundation
  • Other benefits for organizations that travel the OSS path.
Medical Research
  • Why Open Source hard/software was a good strategic option.
  • How to protect intellectual property while working with open-source.
  • Positive and negative effects resulting from diversity in tools and languages of open-source projecs.
  • Interoperability experiences with partner systems (i.e. OpenBio)

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