Rich Newman - Parasoft
Project Manager
Speaking Topic: The Challenges of Developing Games and Other High-Resolution Graphics

Rich Newman is the Project Manager for Insure++ at Parasoft, where he has been a senior member of the development team for four years. He has more than 25 years of professional development experience in large software systems in C, C++, FORTRAN, and assembler, in fields ranging from robotics to satellite digital video broadcast systems. He has published a number of technical papers in the field of computer languages and has written several compilers, and contributes to several Open Source projects. Rich has patents pending for new technology in the field of digital video broadcasting.

Parasoft, a leading provider of Automated Error Prevention (AEP) software solutions, recently had the opportunity to work closely with leading game development organizations. We learned how game development differs from "standard" development, and worked with the game development organizations to develop technical and process improvement strategies to suit the industry's unique development needs. This presentation describes what we learned. It explores challenges and solutions that apply not only to game development, but also to most high-resolution graphic development, which is increasingly being performed on Linux.

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