Jay Pipes - MySQL
North American Community Relations Manager
Speaking Topic: Maximum Velocity MySQL

Jay Pipes is the North American Community Relations Manager at MySQL. Co-author of Pro MySQL (Apress, 2005), Jay has also written articles for Linux Magazine and regularly assists software developers in identifying how to make the most effective use of MySQL. He has given sessions on performance tuning at the MySQL Users Conference, RedHat Summit, NY PHP Conference, OSCON, and Ohio LinuxFest, among others. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Julie, and his four animals. In his abundant free time, when not being pestered by his two needy cats and two noisy dogs, he daydreams in PHP code and ponders the ramifications of __clone().

So you've got a spiffy new web application? Customers are raving about how cool everything looks and how neat all the new functionality is! In fact, you've just passed the one month mark and new customers are streaming to your site. Congratulations!

Two months pass, and then it happens. You get your first call from a customer, angry that the site is "crawling"; that it takes fifteen seconds for the search results to appear. Then the emails start coming in confirming that the site is displaying some error message about too many connections.

Think it can't happen to you? Think again. All web applications have their breaking points, and you need to know how to properly diagnose your schema and streamline your application code.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • how to diagnose MySQL database performance bottlenecks using a variety of tools
  • how to identify and FIX problem SQL code
  • best practices for writing streamlined, efficient SQL code that takes advantage of MySQL's strengths
  • about advanced index concepts
  • how to build an effective indexing strategy
  • how to choose appropriate storage engines for different types of data
  • how to adjust choice MySQL server parameters to squeeze the most performance out of your application
  • how to plan for growth, in your code and in your index strategy
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