Doug Hass - ImageStream
Director of Business Developer
Speaking Topic: Advanced Quality of Service and Firewalls using Linux

Doug Hass is the Director of Business Development for ImageStream, a leading router and WAN product manufacturer. Prior to joining ImageStream, Mr. Hass was a partner in Midwest-based Internet provider Skye/net.

An Army veteran, avid horseman and outdoorsman, Mr. Hass rode professional rodeo for five years until slowed by injuries, and is the founder of, an award-winning country music Web site. A published author and frequent speaker on technology and network security topics, Mr. Hass holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Phoenix.

With increasing penetration of wireless and broadband, service providers must understand Quality of Service, filtering techniques and implement QOS and access list filters on their networks. A proper QOS and filtering design helps to avoid network bottlenecks caused by worm and virus infections, converged voice/video/data services, broadband users, file sharing, and other network conditions. Service providers can use QOS and filtering techniques to align network usage with business policies and requirements.

This presentation covers the key concepts of quality of service and access list filtering using Open Source tools. The presentation includes an explanation of filtering using Linux's iptables tool and standard queuing methods as defined in the Differentiated Services RFC as well as applications of these methods through generic case studies.

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