Crisantos Hajibrahim - ABCO Technology
Speaking Topic: Linux Economics and The Spending Power of SOHO

I think every one in the industry at linux is smart. But how do you sell technology. That's what they want to know. What do you think.

I Told an Asterix engineer that Asterix could be the next big thing, he told me "it already is the next big thing", on the contrary my friend I told him. It might be the next big thing within the tech understanding community, but the failure of the tech community to understand the economics of technology spending makes my friends statement false.

  • Who really knows about linux?
  • Who really understands how it works
  • What is open source
  • How can it help my business
  • Who really is spending money on technology
  • Why has the linux community failed to bring there technology into
  • medium to small sized businesses.
  • How much money do medium and small sized business spend.
  • Where are they compared to large and corporate sized busineess in spending
  • What could they possibly want from the linux community? (medium to small businesses)
  • What is out there to sell?

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