Craig Thomas - GroundWork Open Source
Chief Technology Officer
Speaking Topic: Open Source Network Monitoring Innovations

Craig brings over 20 years of experience with software engineering and architecture of enterprise-scalebusiness-critical systems to GroundWork. He has been responsible at many successful startups for theoverall product technical direction, leadership, and architecture as well as contributing as a hands-ondeveloper. Most recently, he was the CTO of Steelwedge Software, an innovator in the emerging field of EnterprisePlanning and Performance Management (EPPM). Before Steelwedge, Craig was the CTO and Co-Founderof OneRelease Venture Engineering (acquired by Manugistics). Craig has also held Director of Engineeringpositions with ProBusiness Services, Inc., Premenos, and at Sybase.


Open source projects have had a strong hand in advances in recent network management technology. Toolssuch as MRTG and RRDtool make it possible to more easily collect data from a greater number of deviceson the network, and convert the data into XML for easy consumption on the front end. NetworkWeathermap provides outstanding visual representations of the network and where usage patterns areoccurring. Cacti excels at extracting values out of RRD databases with SNMP, and allows organizations topresent information in their own defined way, leveraging a very user-friendly GUI. NTOP protocolanalyzer watches packets go by on the network, describes what individual users are running, and makes iteasy for network professionals to display this information on a web browser.

In this session, Thomas will discuss open source network monitoring innovations and highlight ways inwhich their functionality is often even better than that of their proprietary counterparts. He will focus onways to best utilize this technology and the very fine line you have to walk to "right size" your monitoringsystem (too much data and you're flooded, too little and you miss important information).

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