Celeste Paul - KDE
Interaction Architect & Open Source Design Advocate
Speaking Topic: Usability in Open Source Software Development

Celeste is an interaction architect and open source design advocate who works towards making OSS more "user friendly" by working with developers to create better software. Some of the OSS projects she is involved in include KDE, Kubuntu, and OpenUsability as well as various professional and research projects. She can can find at http://www.obso1337.org.

The stigma of "usability" may be fading away from OSS development, but finding ways to integrating it in to the development process remains a challengeand providing design suggestions. The OSS development model is very different from industry models which makes existing strategies of incorporating HCI-related disciplines, such as usability, a challenge.

I will talk about some of the challenges OSS development faces when it comes to integrating usability and other HCI-related disciplines in to it's workflow, and some strategies projects can embrace to help ensure success. Some of these challenges include resources, communication barriers, and lack of experienced designers. Strategies are often unique to how individual projects operate, however establishing methods for communicating design advice is a fundamental step.

Celeste Lyn Paul will be speaking at the Women in Open Source mini conference

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