The Eleventh Annual Southern California Linux Expo
February 22-24, 2013
Hilton Los Angeles International Airport

Linux as an IPv6 dual stack Firewall


As we get closer to IPv4 address depletion, network administrators are coming to the realization that securing IPv6 will require additional tools and skill sets. Whether you plan on using Linux to protect your network in the future, or are just looking for a tool that you can use to learn how to safely and securely deploy IPv6, This talk will provide the attendee with the basic knowledge to get them started. Stuart will, through images and discussion, walk the attendees through a basic install and configuration of IPv6 on a Linux firewall, and then address the new issues faced by network administrators used to NAT4 for their internal security. Stuart will through comparison, explain how to use Linux connection tracking and forwarding to accomplish the same tasks normally handled by NAT4.

Los Angeles B
Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 15:00 to 16:00