The Eleventh Annual Southern California Linux Expo
February 22-24, 2013
Hilton Los Angeles International Airport

Contact Us

We're always looking for help!  If you would like to volunteer for one of these SCALE committees, please email the committee chair.

Conference Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 110

Sponsorship Committee Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 110

Speakers Committee Chairperson: Shyam Kapadia

Marketing Committee Chairperson:  Open

Operations Committee Chairperson: Gareth J. Greenaway

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 130

Vice-Chairperson: Hriday Balachandran

Community Relations Chairperson: Gareth J. Greenaway

Phone: +1.877.831.2569 Ext 130

Members: Meryle Swartz, Jeff Carlson, Marc Provitt, Avni Khatri

Technical Director, Tech & A/V: Stuart Sheldon

Technical Committee Chairperson: Mike Maki

Members: Lee Cole, David Lang, David Newman, Joshua Hoblitt, Ken Sandberg, Mason Maki, Suzanne Mathison, Andrew Murphy, Lindsey Connick Sheldon, Jeff Deifik, Ronda Alvarado

Audio/Visual Committee - Co-Chairpersons: Tom King, Michael Proctor-Smith

Members: Donald Burr, Chad Page

Public Relations Committee Co-Chairpersons: Orv Beach, Larry Cafiero

Press Releases: Larry Cafiero

Web content, Social Media:  Orv Beach

Photography: Dennis Rex, Michelle Klein-Haas

PC Club Liaison: Dennis Rex

Man on the street interviews: Jason Riker

Others: Samantha Le, Scott Ruecker, Jorge G. Mare

Web Subcommittee: Ron Golan

Members: Lei Zhang

Graphics Committee - Chairperson: Open

Social Committee - Chairperson:  Lori Barfield

In addition, we have email mailing lists for the Southern California Linux Expo.

They can be found here.