The Eleventh Annual Southern California Linux Expo
February 22-24, 2013
Hilton Los Angeles International Airport

Free Gaming on GNU/Linux


There are a lot of areas where free software is significantly endangered, but gaming is possibly one of the worst examples. Giants like Blizzard and Valve have cornered the market handily, and even people who steadfastly use Trisquel GNU/Linux and free video drivers might often be tempted to play non-free games. This presentation will briefly introduce a few awesome free offerings that could not only use you as part of the players' community, but also as part of the production community in general.

Games to be introduced:

* Minetest, a free voxel-based construction game
* Flare, a free engine for creating RPGs
* OpenArena, a free first-person shooter

We'll show off screenshots from the game, features from each, and answer any questions about them. We'll also be available to put you in contact with the games' communities and point you at areas that might need some help, as well as point you towards servers that we like for each game!

Los Angeles C
Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 18:00 to 19:00