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February 22-24, 2013
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cybersecurity education through non-digital games


[[d0x3d!] is a co-operative game for 2-4 players. Its mechanics are based on set collection, variable player powers in an action-point allowance system, and a modular board that simulates a network topology.

Players assume the role of [hackers], who together, need to infiltrate a network, collect key shares and use these to re-capture and decrypt stolen [digital assets]. Once you get all four [digital assets], you and the other players need to escape the network, without getting caught. Each round, the network admins patch the network and may detect your intrusion. Machines may get decommissioned for forensic investigation, the network threat level may increase, and your team might get caught.

[d0x3d!] is game designed for informal computer security education, reflecting the following goals:

* Engage new audiences, especially groups under-represented in computer science
* Be used both in and out of the classroom
* Be accessible to schools without technology funds or computer access
* Reinforce analytical-thinking and problem solving
* Improve security literacy, while increasing awareness of security careers and technology
* Inspire “adversarial thinking” and security role-playing
* Challenge assumptions that are barriers to CS, in particular: the field is not anti-social or isolating, there is no steep or disqualifying learning curve, there are no significant equipment costs

Sunday, February 17, 2013 - 20:15