January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Robyn Bergeron
Fedora Program Manager
Red Hat
Robyn is the Fedora Program Manager at Red Hat. In addition to driving the Fedora schedule and wrangling features for each release, she also runs the Fedora Cloud SIG, is the marketing team lead, and is the voice of Beefy Miracle. She has been a sysadmin, market research analyst, and business analyst in past lives -- and loves to play with numbers and forecasts. She believes in community and transparency as a way to enable excellence in open source projects. Aside from her Fedora duties, she is also the Cluster PM for Red Hat, and helps to wrangle the oVirt community. She also does her best to perform her duties as a Domestic Household Engineer, embracing the arts of Lego building, burning dinner, and accidentally melting crayons in the dryer.