January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Don't be an *aaS: Why Community and Open Source Matter in The Cloud

Robyn Bergeron


"Open" and "Cloud" may be the two of the most overused buzz words in technology today -- and certainly also two words with a vast number of interpretations of meaning. In this session, Robyn (as a Service!) will explore the intersections of these two paradigms, discuss the various layers of Freedom in the cloud atmosphere, and explain *how* and *why* Community Matters Matter in The Cloud. Topics Include: * Why opening your source isn't enough -- and throwing it over the fence is even worse * Building a community of participation (even when things are hard) the Open Source Way * Why Freedom is important at every layer, from infrastructure all the way to user data * As a prospective community member or user -- what you should expect to see to be free.