Matthew Croughan


Founder of Nix.How
Nix.How LTD

Matt was once a Docker enthusiast, but was accidentally captivated by Nix and functional programming whilst working for an Embedded Linux company who were using Yocto + Docker for building and deploying software (tools which are exactly the opposite of functional and reproducible!). Since discovering Nix, Matt has quit his job and become a passionate NixOS contributor, evangelist and founder of Nix.How LTD, a Nix Software Consultancy that focuses on converting clients from legacy, unreproducible systems to Nix/NixOS. Every machine he owns and maintains is built using Nix, which includes his Android devices which are also built with Nix. He created ‘nixinate’, a Flake native deployment tool/library for NixOS. Matt is one of the founders of Nix.Camp, a small yearly event in North Wales for Nix enthusiasts.