Kubernetes Cloud Cost Monitoring with OpenCost & Optimization Strategies


Understanding the cost and efficiency of Kubernetes on public clouds is essential once you start expanding your infrastructure with real production workloads. The CNCF Sandbox OpenCost project and specification models current and historical Kubernetes cloud spend and resource allocation by service, deployment, namespace, labels, and much more. This data provides transparency for cloud bills and can be used as the basis for optimizing your Kubernetes deployments based on cost allocation. Optimizing Kubernetes for cost and performance is an ongoing iterative process that starts with applications and works through the entire stack.

Attendees will understand how to navigate the complexity of cost modeling of Kubernetes on cloud infrastructure and have an introduction to the capabilities of the OpenCost open-source project. Armed with that information, they'll be given strategies for optimizing their Kubernetes usage patterns for reducing costs and maximizing utilization.

Ballroom H
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 13:30 to 14:30